Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As I was doing my Christmas shopping this season, I came across a box of magnetic poetry. Inside the box are pieces of magnets with words. The objective is to create your own poetry using the words that are available. I first place them all on my refrigerator door and later on moved them to a magnetic bulletin board I have in my living room. Here are the poems I came up with:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Benefits of Gratitude

Hey guys! You have all probably heard about the book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. It basically sums up all the secret there is to acheiving a happy, succesful and abundant life. It came out with the video that is even better than the book. Do find time to read

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

The greatest thief of human happiness and abundance is ungratefulness. Any lack in our lives - whether in money, health, or relationships - is simply the evidence of a lack of gratitude. If you focus on lack you are not being grateful, and that will bring more lack into your life. Yet the simple state of radiating gratitude summons everything to you.

No matter who you are or where you are, you can change your life with gratitude, but you must feel it with your whole heart and radiate it from every cell. Gratitude is not a mental exercise, and in fact, if you simply use your mind for gratitude it will have little or no power. True gratitude comes from your heart! You must think gratitude through your heart, speak gratitude through your heart, and feel it intensely in your heart.

Then practice gratitude relentlessly. As you practice gratitude you will attract more thoughts and feelings of gratitude. In a short time your entire being will be saturated with it, and you will experience a happiness that is beyond what you can imagine. This is what is ahead for you when you choose gratitude as your way of life. And if you can really live in this highest state of gratitude, you will never have to ask for anything. Everything you want will be given to you before you even ask, because gratitude is the magnetic substance that opens every single door in the Universe.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. To celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to share an excerpt with you from The Secret Daily Teachings, which is being released in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia on December 9th. This excerpt presents an easy way to start using gratitude and integrate it into your life by making every Thursday "Thank You Thursday." As you "Thank your way through every Thursday" you will open the most powerful receiving channel within you.

From The Secret Daily Teachings - Thank You Thursday

"Today is Thank You Thursday. Today and every Thursday is your day to say and feel "Thank you" in as many ways as you can.

Write a list of all the people and events you want to give thanks for.

Return thanks today to those who have done things for you.

As you walk say "Thank you" in your mind with each step you take.

As you drive, make each time you stop your cue to say "Thank you."

At various times in the day, think and feel "Thank you" inside you seven times in a row.

Look for every opportunity to say "Thank you" to other people, and say it with so much meaning that the person looks right at you.

Thank your way through every Thursday, and make "Thank you" your predominant thought, feeling, and words of the day.

"Thank you" - two words, inconceivable potential power, and all they need is you to put the power into them by expressing them.

Thank you!"
. . .

May the joy of gratitude be in your heart,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In the past 3 months, I have been attending integrated acting, writing and directing workshops facilitated by renowned stage director and movie critique, Nestor Torre at the Spotlight Artists Centre, that is being run and operated by the performing couple Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez. I will have to say that it was a very interesting workshop where we got to learn about techniques in integrating acting, scriptwriting, and directing in order to become a better artist. Last Oct 29, 2008, the workshoppers decided to culminate the activities with a showcase of talents we called "Works in Progress". I did a comedic molonogue about a tips on becoming a beauty queen written by Reign Loleng. Today, Nestor Torre commented about my acting on his Showbiz and Style article on the Philippines Daily Inquirer. To read the article, click here. Robert also upload pictures on his multiply site. To view, click here. So what do you think? Do you think I will have bright career in acting? What kind of roles would you like to see me do?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

US Elections

In the past weeks, there has been a lot of flack against the McCain and Palin tendem and it is beginning to be clearer to a whole lot more people that McCain has questionable credibility and that Palin is not prepared to be Vice President. In contrast to these criticisms, I was going through all the different videos on You Tube and chanced upon Barack Obama's ad to change America. One of them even told about his track record in helping to make a difference in people's lives. Another one talks about Obama's plans for America. As of this writing, Yahoo election coverage indicates polls are at 50.5% for Obama and 43.6% for McCain. The few of days before the US Elections leaves the whole world waiting with bated breaths as to the results of America's vote. When America sneezes, the whole world get a cold and whatever happens to America obviously has an effect on the rest of the world. I really do hope that America will choose the right candidate to be President this time around.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


After a whole year of deliberating, I finally decided to get a new makeover yesterday. Jas Lisbona and Chrissy Calderon of Hairworks Salon on 108 Legaspi Street, Makati ( Tel. 8884819) suggested that I have my hair layers and colored with some highlights. The pictures above were our pegs for the kind of cut we would like . I spent 4 hours of coloring with Chrissy using some black shine and L'Oreal's newest shade: maple rose for the highlights followed by Jas Lisbona's wonder scissors. In total, I was at the salon for 6 hours. Imagine that! Anyway, here is how I looked before and after. (Hey, I know the after picture could be better if only I wore some makeup but this is as fresh as it could get after all that work.) What do you think? :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


ESCADA store just opened in Greenbelt 5. It was attended by quite an illustrious set of guests. Wine and hors d'ouvres were flowing. I came in a graduated pink draped tube dress by Rhett Eala. Johnny Litton hosted the event as the guests await the Fall & Winter 2008 Collection fashion show. When the models finally came strutting, everybody gasped at the classy designs and elegant cuts of the outfits. Predominant colors were purple, orange, fuschia, lime green to brighten the darker winter days, all against a neutral/black canvass and heeled black boots. Yum! I love dressing up for the fall. Escada showed fuschia suits and classic cut dresses. St. John's collection was mostly evening dresses. I love, love, love this bronze evening dress from St. John and this white jacket from Escada Sport.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


There opportunities to be seen and known on the spotlight and there are opportunities for people who are known to shine a light on causes they feel are worthy of the light. Here is the latest project of the National Book Development Board (NBDB): Tulaan sa Tren. This is the latest addition to the Get Caught Reading Campaign of the NBDB.

Several celebs were invited to read poetry that were written by Pinoys. These were later broadcasted on MRT trains all over the metro at certain times of the day.

It was quite interesting to be reading those poems as I feel that it required a whole lot of understanding of the writer's intentions for writing those poems. I found myself being drawn the into emotion of whatever was required by the writer, even to the point of tearing up.


Here's an article I came across three years ago that has caused me to change course when I thought I didn't like the direction I was headed. I am once again on the same road, not as drastic a move as I did back then. Nonetheless, this article is still very apt and I hope it could enlighten some of us who are looking for a fresh start.

YOU ARE ALWAYS FREE TO START OVER. No matter what your problem, when something is not working, you can decide to stop playing. If you are experiencing friction or feeling resentment, your soul may be calling for you to end this ... so you can start that.
This does not mean that you cannot succeed, but your soul may be telling you that the direction you are going is not taking you where you want to be. And by admitting that an aspect of your life is not working, you are freed to begin moving in a new direction that will work.
Before deciding to start over, you may want to explore any personal fears that are motivating the need to begin again. Resentment is a fear-based emotion obviously based upon you wanting someone else to be the way you want them to be. Is that justified? And know that if you are holding on to a past hurt, the other person is keeping you a prisoner in the here and now.
Assuming you can release any fear-based emotions (especially blame) relating to your wanting to start over, the best place to begin self-processing is to explore what is true for you. Being true to yourself is more important than your fear of consequences? When you are not true to yourself you are living in fear.
You also do not want to live in fear of what others might think about you starting over.
Once you have decided to start over, it will be time to stop explaining yourself to other people. It is your right to offer no excuses or justifications for your decisions or behavior. You may want to explain why you have acted in a particular way to those with whom you share a close relationship, but you do not owe anyone an explanation. Excuses and explanations weaken your position.
We all find ourselves in positions in which others imply that we owe them an explanation. Most of us are so well trained that we react automatically and comply with their wishes without thinking. All too often we explain ourselves even when no one has asked "why." It is often hardest not to offer an explanation to a good friend, but why should a friend force you to explain your actions? If your friend is incapable of accepting your rights then maybe she is incapable of relating to you on any basis but manipulation.
To start over also means leaving behind your old ideas about yourself.

Friday, September 12, 2008


windmills whirling in my head..
strong wind against blades of white.
how can a strong force of nature
create energy so fierce
it can generate so much electricity
between bodies of light
to influence a generation
and create ripples of brightness
for the nation?


I am so proud of Rajo Laurel for his 15th anniversary celebration at the Rajo Red gala dinner and benefit show in support of the Philippines National Red Cross. I thought all the outfits were absolutely stunning and brilliantly presented. Even though I was seated a table away from the actual stage, one can notice how much detail work was done on the dresses with embellishments and how very well structured the dresses were.

Although, Rajo has expressed that he had just allowed his imagination run wild, I can tell that he still had discipline in terms of how he designed the dresses. Each dress had a theme on its own which are very distinct and elegantly presented. He obviously derived inspiration from his travels around the globe. His love for country was very much apparent as well in his neo-Filipiniana designs.

I loved the insect dresses. They reminded me of Star Trek. I also loved those that were made of vintage obis. I thought they were very current and exotic.

Thanks to my friend Rhett Eala for my dress and Jewelmer for my neckpiece.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally my blog!!!

Welcome to my new blog! It may be a little late but as they say, better late than never! Finally, I can blog my days, experiences, thoughts and things. I shall be back soon! Thanks to Janette Toral for helping me set this up.