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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrating New Year's Eve at Times Square

Celebrating NYE every year is always a much awaited event for many. A lot of friends I know celebrated at home or out of town while others took great steps in order to get to a place where they can party with friends and have a full view of the festivities, mostly fireworks around the city.

On my 2010 holiday trip to the NYC with my family, my sister, her fiance and I decided to spend it at the Times Square, the infamous site for the annual balldrop for New Year's Eve. To celebrate NYE at this iconic landmark, the Times Square, nicknamed the Crossroads of the World, The Great White Way is definitely a must while in NYC.

I feel fortunate to have made connections with American businessman Micheal Rosenthal who was throwing a party for 100 people at his office located at the 16th floor of 1501 Broadway, a building somewhere between where the ball drops and where they hold the concerts at Times Square. So when I got his invite through a private social networking site, there is no way I was going to let this opportunity pass.

The NYPD block the roads to prepare for this annual occasion and most most people have to do great lengths, and arrive as early as 2pm in order to secure a good spot and watch the experience the countdown LIVE at the street party.  We were given passes ahead of time and needed to submit our names in order to go through the barricades.

As early as 8pm, my sister Jed, Arthur, and myself made sure were headed to the city. A 10 minute car ride, a 30 minute train ride, one subway stop, 3 police officers and building security was all it took in order to get to our prime spot. 

We were the first few people to arrive at 9:30pm apart from 4 Jewish/Iranian elders who were perhaps Micheal's parents' friends. There were chips, some booze and Micheal, our host welcomed us warmly to his corner office. We looked out the window and lo and behold, the NYE Ball was just outside the corner window. Amazing! I was thanking God for such a great opportunity! Down below the street crowd was watching the big screen TV just a few feet below the ball where TV hosts Ryan Seacrest, Giulliana Rancic and her husband Bill were hosting the live event. I gathered that about 30 minutes before, there was a lucky couple that got married at Times Square.

Soon after we arrrived, more guests started to arrive. As we were warming up, someone dealt with the drinks, another popped a CD and our party got started.  I started making friends with a few internationals but bonded mostly with a Columbian lady, Karen who is a fund manager, based in NYC.

As the new year approached, I realized how greatly I have been blessed in the past year and how much more I am looking forward to this coming year. God has indeed dealt with me in many ways and how I have spiritually grown these past two years.  I just wished I had someone special to share a kiss.. Oh well, it's Jesus and me again and that's great too! Celebrating it at the 16th floor on Times Square with my sister and my newfound friend, Karen was definitely tops! Perhaps this coming year, my new year's resolution is to be open to falling in love again.

Celebrate New Year's Eve at Times Square: CHECKED!

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