Friday, September 12, 2008


windmills whirling in my head..
strong wind against blades of white.
how can a strong force of nature
create energy so fierce
it can generate so much electricity
between bodies of light
to influence a generation
and create ripples of brightness
for the nation?


I am so proud of Rajo Laurel for his 15th anniversary celebration at the Rajo Red gala dinner and benefit show in support of the Philippines National Red Cross. I thought all the outfits were absolutely stunning and brilliantly presented. Even though I was seated a table away from the actual stage, one can notice how much detail work was done on the dresses with embellishments and how very well structured the dresses were.

Although, Rajo has expressed that he had just allowed his imagination run wild, I can tell that he still had discipline in terms of how he designed the dresses. Each dress had a theme on its own which are very distinct and elegantly presented. He obviously derived inspiration from his travels around the globe. His love for country was very much apparent as well in his neo-Filipiniana designs.

I loved the insect dresses. They reminded me of Star Trek. I also loved those that were made of vintage obis. I thought they were very current and exotic.

Thanks to my friend Rhett Eala for my dress and Jewelmer for my neckpiece.