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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love museums!  I love looking at galleries and artwork!  Whenever I travel abroad, especially in Europe, I make sure that I alot at least an hour or two looking at the collection in a museum. When my sister said that she got us VIP tickets to the ManilArt festival, I made sure that I found the time. It's a showcase of artwork and collections from different galleries in Manila and abroad showcasing the Philippines' best contemporary artists. There were so many that I liked that I was soo mesmerized that I had forgotten to take pictures of them. At times, I am awestruck and wonder what the inspiration of the artist was, just relishing at how the pictures make me feel. 

Here are a few of the artwork that caught my attention and remembered to take pictures of.

1) "Wang-Wang" by Ronald Jeresano - I really liked the message this artist wanted to send across as this little boy shouts positive words in Filipino, spelled out on the painting like "sipag" and "sa akin ang pag-asa."  Suddenly, Whitney Houston's intro to "Greatest Love of All" comes to mind... "I believe the children are our future...."

(2) "Lineage" by Malyn Bonayog - Malyn is here posing with her creation. It's an interesting technique she used looks to me like a thumb print.
She went on to explain that that's her picture, smiling on the left-most side and her other ancestors seated in a row to the right. The house in the back is her ancestral house in the Northern part of the Philippines. Baguio? I remember vaguely. The dark figure painted on the right side, just behind where she is standing in this shot, is the face of the oldest member of their clan.

(3) "Nang Sumilip and Bahaghari" by Ricky Ambagan - is an interesting oil on canvas creation. It appears like view of the painter coming from inside a tube-like structure (perhaps a rainbow) .... or is it the other way around? What really caught my attention is the figure of a child in the middle dressed in colorful garb. I thought it would look great in my dining area.

I'm fond of paintings that display LOCAL COSTUMES, CULTURE AND TRIBAL DESIGNS
When I saw these paintings, I though I had to take a momento.

(4) "Starting Young" by Margarita Lim

(5) and (6) Here are a couple of my favorites from JEF CABLOG from Tam-awan village in Baguio
The women are sooo beautiful. Composition feels like a dream, it's as if you just bumped into these girls in the woods.

We also were able to meet Micheal Cacnio and his brother, Ferdinanc. Micheal is more known for his pinoy children themes on gold-plated brass. While his brother, Ferdinand, specializes in nature, dancers and the female form. I saw both of them but managed to take only a picture with Micheal with his latest theme: kids and balloons. 

and a humorous one from his collection, DISCHARGE by Micheal Cacnio. My sis and I thought it was so cool.

Here is Ferdinand Cacnio's creation, the title of which I wasn't able to catch. The tree to me symbolizes strength. 
If only I have enough space for a pillar on top of which to display this sculpture.

Last but not the least, Here are a few more that I especially liked.

(1) "The Girl Who Said She Could Fly" by Michelle Pauline Lim
(2) "One Lost" by Ivan Roxas - it looked so much like a photograph yes the details are soo amazing! Micheal Cacnio says it took Ivan about six months to complete this painting. I'd say he has quite a photographic memory!
(3) The title escaped me but this is a creation by ROVI SALEGUMBA. - I looked at this painting and thought, "Are they dating? or are they newlyweds? Who knows?" I thought it would look good on a column in my condo.

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OK ladies, there is a talent search called PROJECT LOTUS produced by Farwest Productions, Inc. for which I have been ask to take part as a judge. We are looking for females, ages 18-25 years, talented in singing and dancing, willing to learn and have DREAMS of making it BIG in the music business. Auditions are currently being held all throughout the Asian region: India, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Shanghai. From all these countries, twenty-five (25) participants will be chosen and sent to Hong Kong to work with high caliber professional trainers and ONLY FIVE (5) will be chosen to form a new PAN-ASIAN GIRLBAND. Online auditions have been extended until August 15, 2010. If you are chosen, you will be called for a final MANILA AUDITIONS on August 30-31, 2010 at a five-star hotel in Manila! So if your young, talented and have big dreams, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!
Send in your audition video here.

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I just came across this video of Tamara Lowe, a motivational speaker who created this cool motivational rap!
Her message is very apt and much needed today by young and old alike.
This video is so fun and yet inspiring and I really do hope your hearts will be touched as mine was.

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