Thursday, March 29, 2012

Manny Pacquiao at ABSCBN Dolphy Theatre speaking about why we should read the bible. "The Key to Understanding Life"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hi everyone! I know that it's been more than a week but I wrote my thoughts down as we were getting ready on the day of my sister's wedding on March 10, 2012, at the Holy Rosary Church in Boracay and reception at the Shangri-la Resort in Boracay.

March 10, 2011; 11:30am

It’s my sister, Jed’s wedding day today. I felt a pang of sadness as she left me on the breakfast table this morning so she could get ready and prepare for her wedding. I finished my breakfast and got back to the villa where we stayed the night and will be getting ready for her wedding. She had the wedding organizer in the room with her who were helping lay out her wedding items in the bedroom. I reminded her to use a moisturizer and sunblock and gladly offered her mine. She then went to the bathroom to spread the cream on her face and then I heard her say: “Good morning, pretty girl! You’re getting married today!” I could only smile.

I’m experiencing mixed feelings as I watched her have her makeup done across the room from where I am seated at the living area of the treetop lounge in Shangri-la Boracay, her chosen destination for her wedding. I believe that it’s a mixture of sharing her happiness as she is about to embark on a new chapter in her life as a wife, my own sadness that she will be moving to Sydney and we won’t be seeing her as much… pride, as she has grown to be the great woman she is created to be. I remember the moments back when we were small, we would play “Teacher, Teacher” in our living room, I was the teacher and she as my student. Times when we would fight over the TV remote control, one time it got too rowdy, we fought with pillows and I almost pulled her shoulder out of its socket… moments when the yaya and I will scare her that the aswang will eat her if she doesn’t finish her food… moments such as when I was watching her run closer towards me when came to support her in Nuvali on the day her first marathon to running the last few kilometers to the finish line and cheering her on, and to hosting and honoring her before friends on the bridal shower sparty I hosted for her.

Jed was the life of our party, the "bunso" (youngest) and a delight to our family. Lunches with the family and relatives seem to be more fun and lively with Jed around as she takes photos with her Lumix, shares her travels with Arthur (her fiance), plays with Chester the dog, or with the nieces and younger cousins. Indeed she is a delight and I am proud to have witnessed her growth as a loving, respectful daughter, a compassionate friend, a fun-loving companion, a nurturing young lady, a great woman and reliable, responsible leader. Although I feel that I have shared some life lessons with her, she too has taught me a lot in life: about fun and laughter, about the joys of travel, about finding true love with a man who is her equal and co-laborer. Indeed, it is an honor to be her sister, to have been given the opportunity to teach, to witness, to love, to serve, to share.

When she finally got up from the makeup chair and excitedly invited her entourage, “Would you like to dress me up?” I thought, “Wait, isn’t that my job as her maid of honor?” but kept silent. And then she remembered: “Oh, by the way Ate, can you help me na lang? Ikaw ang nakaka-alam ng gown eh.” I’m glad she remembered me.

As I was helping her get dressed, I feel grateful… and HONORED to be given the opportunity to serve. WOW. I now truly understand deep in my heart the term “maid-of-honor”. Indeed, it was an honor to be present for her from the time when she needed me to assist her with meetings with Veejay Floresca, her gown designer… witnessing and feeling the joy in her heart the first time she saw it… to being present to accompany her for every fitting day… to sponsoring and organizing her bridal shower… to finally dress her up for her wedding. I savored every moment with songs of praise in my head the softness of the fabric and the coldness of the metal as I unzipped the gown from the mannequin… the humility I felt in my heart as I served her and lay the skirt of the gown low for her to step on… the feel of the cord in my fingers as I helped put on her wedged espadrilles because the her nails were still wet…

I am grateful and on her wedding day I offer her to God and to her new family with Arthur and trust that we have taught her what we could, shared enough time with her and served her enough to know she feels loved. God after all knows best how to take care of her more than we do. As I write this note and get ready for the wedding which will happen within the next few hours, my prayer is for God to make her feel like a princess today and everyday, to bless her with much love from family and friends, to bless us with a perfect sunny day and make her Sydney days shining with joy and laughter. That they will be blessed with beautiful beloved children, with health and prosperity in the family. More fun and travels around the world and that their wishes may come true. That this promise of love is forever and that God will grant them the wishes of their hearts.

So Jed, on your wedding day, we send you off to your great adventure with your prince. Always remember that you are loved and that you are God’s beloved princess and you always will.


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